Thursday, October 14, 2010

Easy A - Easily an A.... ha ha ha....ha.......ha.

So it seems that lately I’ve been branching out beyond my comfort zone and indulging in movies an television I usually wouldn’t have anything to do with. This week par example, after a brutally stressful situation at home I took my woman out for a nice movie date.
On this particular outing we landed on seeing the motion picture: Easy A starring Superbad’s Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes (pretending to be young enough to be in high school).

I had seen commercials for this movie plastered on bus stops and television commercials for the last month or so and figured it would be just a horrible cookie cutter teen comedy to be used as a springboard to help catapult a young actress’s blossoming career, turns out I was sort of kind of halfish wrong? Well in the sense that I’m sure this will be great for Emma Stone’s name, but it wasn’t exactly horrible, or particularly cookie cutter.

The movie is about this girl named Olive, who despite being a crazy hot teenager in a California high school, is still a virgin. Through a series of rumors (started by her) she ends up basically becoming the schools prostitute in an attempt to surround her name with infamy and legend... When really, she just accepts gift cards to different stores in exchange for starting rumors about her fucking around with various nerds and gay guys to stop them from getting shit-kicked at school. Of course, this amazing plan ( =\ ) ends up going south and a lot of hilarity and sadness ensues.

I found that at the beginning of the film Easy A was trying way too hard to disassociate itself from other movies tied into a similar genre. There was a few awkward points where the basically made attempts at calling itself unpretentious when really it should have been left to flow naturally. But I guess character introduction is either really smooth, or kind of rough there isn’t really an in between point.

Overall though I found this movie very funny and easy to pay attention too (where a lot of movies leave me looking over my shoulder trying to read the backwards letters for the deaf people on the thing above the projector). The interactions with her parents (who are new aged and funny, but not annoying like the fucking god damn parents from Juno) are worked in smoothly and with a lot of well timed and placed laughs. Also the adage of the schools Christian Youth Group (lead by Amanda Bynes) ended up creating some good Clergy based jokes.

Overall Easy A was a very pleasant surprise of a movie. I love when I walk into a movie that I think I’m going to be disappointed by, and come out with a smile on my face. This film achieved its goal of taking my mind off of my at-home drama, and to that I think ye Easy A. On a scale from 1–Awesome I’d give it a "Great Job Sport" (I think that’s like an 8 on a normal scale)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glee... Exactly what I expected

Personally I have television shows and movies that I absolutely refuse to watch. Usually my reasons for boycotting such outlets stem from seeing snippets, knowing the premise of said entertainment, or on many occasions it’s because the fan base surrounding it is absolutely retarded.
There are some points in time though where I am put into a situation where I watch the piece of material, either because I'm forced too or I decide to give it a shot for the sake of knowing its utter shit.

In today’s particular case I ended up seeing an episode of the highly successful, Emmy award winning program Glee. This was a mistake. This show (at least to someone of my ...unique? taste) was absolute garbage. I know what you’re thinking

“But Camgore, you can’t judge and entire TV show based on one episode!”

And to that I say “eat shit”

For one I am extremely bias, in the sense that I hate almost every musical ever created. Accept for Grease... just because at its core a it is a badass movie (and Olivia Newton John is so damn hot!). Anyways, so from what I gathered Glee is a rip off of Saved By The Bell but with less interesting setting, story line, characters and filled with song and dance routines that are in some way supposed to explain what going on in the “story line”
I stuck story line in quotations because from what I gathered the show spends so much time setting up its ridiculous musical numbers that it completely lacks a good plot or structure. The characters are completely unrealistic (which is how they connect to Saved By The Bell) and the comedy is more eye-gougingly pretentious and riddled with as many over-the-top obvious pop culture references as a Diablo Cody movie. It seems that the only thing that keeps its audience (mainly made up of 12-25 year old girls) is the musical numbers, which usually butcher classic rock songs or rehash terrible songs many music lovers wish would have stayed buried.

The episode I saw focused on the music of Britney Spears and how important her music is to everyone... yea. The plot of the episode was about a bunch of underage girls and a disabled kid (who looks like Warowitz from The Big Bang Theory) getting gassed with Nitrous by John Stamos and them tripping balls and having Britney Spears related fantasies. I've had nitrous, and it definitely didn't send me into musical fantasies... I think maybe Stamos slipped those kids a little GHB. Overall the plot was stupid and only reminded me how annoying the singing groups were in my High School's music department.

This show obviously isn’t for everyone. If you like very little plot and popular music this is probably the show for you. Personally I like getting more than 2 minutes of story out of a 45 minute program.
As one final note: I think they should change the name of their fans from “Gleek’s” to Gleetard’s

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When In Rome.

When in a relationship their are many times you sacrifice what you want to selfishly do for the desires of the one you love. Tonight that sacrifice manifested itself as a Tuesday night cheap movie date to my local theater to see one of February's trademark romcom's "When In Rome".
It was one of those situations where me and her had our browsers opened to the Cineplex website saying the titles of movies back and forth yaying or naying movies until one stuck out that we could both tolerate. After deliberating we eventually landed on "When In Rome".

I got exactly what I figured I would get out of this overly fast paced romantic stereotype: an hour and a half that felt like 20 minutes, where at times the plot was so painfully obvious i wanted to burst out in hysterical, near mental patient laughter.
Of course if you've seen the trailers you basically know what you're getting yourself into; especially considering the ominous voice of TV's Gossip Girl/Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Kristen Bell and the Transformers franchises Josh Duhamel explain the plot for you in front of a fucking gray backdrop, which to me bridges soooo many boundaries.

So if you haven't seen the commercials or a trailer for this movie allow me to ruin the plot:
- girl gets pissed, takes coins out of magic fountain, owners of said coins fall in love with said girl
- guys (played by "seasoned" comedians (John Heder, Will Arnett, Dax Shepard and Danny Devito) follow her to New York
- laughs ensue etc.
- resolution
- everyone's happy ta-da

Though from beginning to end this film was completely and utterly predictable, it was not without random laughs which actually kept me paying attention, that and I've loved Dax Shepard and Will Arnett since 2006's often overlooked comedy "Let's Go to Prison".
Though this movie was mindless and included periods in which i would rather have been sleeping or pulling the skin off of my face, these movies really are needed. Without the terrible, we wouldnt really know amazing. For example if I had never seen "Epic Movie" (I nearly vomit just thinking about that load to tripe) would movies like "Children of Men" or "Avatar" been as good as they were? and without bullshit movies like "Wing Commander" and "Lost in Space" would classic sci-fi like Star Wars still be as timeless as they are today?
The answer:

oh yea I guess id give "When in Rome" a 2.5/10 or something.