Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mighty Putty

RIP Billy Mays
So about 4 years ago i bought this amazing pair of Sony MDR-7505 Professional headphones for college, that sounded absolutely amazing, for like $150.00. They got me through 2 years of college and then the arm connecting the part that goes on top of your head to the left ear piece snapped! I tried duct tape, gorilla glue, gum, my own skin but nothing seemed to work. I figured these headphones were completely done for so I used my old Behringer's from high school and put the Sony's on my shelf to gather dust.

Fast forward to just before Christmas 2010. I'm standing in line at my local Walmart scanning the impulse buy items when i spotted Mighty Putty!
Sony Headphones broken in the same way
 So I picked up these 2 tubes of green crap and took them home, not knowing if what Billy was yelling about was real (Oxy Clean has never steered me wrong). So I got home, took a butter knife and cut off a section of this sulferish smelling, modeling clay-like grey goo surrounded by a green outer shell. So as per the instructions i sat there for a few minutes rolling this stuff in the palms of my hands until it became malleable and gray. 

I grabbed my headphones and connected the broken pieces and molded the putty around the parts to connect them, and then I set it down to dry and played Black Ops for a while. Low and behold when I checked the Mighty Putty was completely concrete solid and had made a perfect connection. I've been wearing my repaired phones while on my computer, out walkin' around, and mowin' the lawn and they are perfect and there is not one single sign of wear in the putty.

The finished product
So this stuff is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stick things to other things permanently. The only downside I can see to this stuff was the smell as i was kneading it, and to be honest it didn't really bother me that much. It gets a very deserving 9ish    

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

127 Hours

Right off the bat I must say that I wish I saw this movie when it was in theaters last year, because it was fucking awesome. Director/writer Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) did an amazing job of recreating the harrowing survival story of adventurer Aron Ralston, portrayed by James Franco (Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, Spiderman).

So if you don’t know (or you’ve been under a rock for the last year [BAHAHAHAHA]) 127 Hours is an inspiring story of survival against insurmountable odds and also a story of how the things and people we take advantage of come back and can be the last thread that keeps us alive.  From the opening scene you can see a hint of the cinematic awesomeness that went into this movie as you see scenes of thousands of people moving, cheering, living showing the amazing situations in which people come together in swarms juxtaposed. After this you are given a taste of who Ralston (Franco) is: a young man with a thirst for adventure. Ralston leaves his house in Utah in the very early morning hours, with a bike, rock climbing equipment and all of the other adventurer accoutrement. Ralston then drive excitedly, in the dark, to Blue John Canyon.
That morning Aron throws some Phish on his MP3 Player and heads out into the vast Utah canyons with a handy cam recording the whole adventure. We are presented with stunning shots of the canyons and far-stretching, dry rolling plains. Ralston bikes for sometime before setting out on foot to find a location he was eagerly set on getting too in record breaking time; until he meets up with some fine hiking honeys. He takes the two girls out to some crazy underground pool and chills and flirts with them and shit before setting back out on his journey (the real Aron Ralston claims that this did not actually happen and he only showed the girls some rock climbing tips, other than that Ralston claims that this film is as close to a documentary of his situation as you could get). 

This is where the story really takes off and where the “meat and potatoes” of this film lays. While traversing the cliffs and crevices of Blue John Canyon Aron steps awkwardly on a boulder and falls into a crevice; trapping his arm between the boulder and the wall (I guess you could say he was stuck between a rock and a hard place =\ ). Aron goes through his supplies which consisted of some carabineers, ropes, a small amount of water, a dyeing head lamp, some food, his cameras and a crappy multi-tool. Over the next  6 days Aron must overcome and survive the mental and physical extremes his body goes through as he struggles for food and water.

While he’s trapped with the boulder, Aron must delve deep into his mind to find the motivation to keep living and trying. During this time you are presented with scenes from his life where you see the many relationships that he has had and left behind and the impact that they have on him.

127 Hours is one amazing movie which really plays on your emotions. During this film I found myself looking back into my own life and the people I’ve forgotten about or left behind. I often overlook the people and situations in my life that have forever  changed me and given me the opportunities to live the life I’ve been so blessed to have. I love and hate when movies do that to me. SO ANYWAY, 127 Hours was absolutely awesome and on my inconsistent scale receives a 9.3. That is all.