Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mighty Putty

RIP Billy Mays
So about 4 years ago i bought this amazing pair of Sony MDR-7505 Professional headphones for college, that sounded absolutely amazing, for like $150.00. They got me through 2 years of college and then the arm connecting the part that goes on top of your head to the left ear piece snapped! I tried duct tape, gorilla glue, gum, my own skin but nothing seemed to work. I figured these headphones were completely done for so I used my old Behringer's from high school and put the Sony's on my shelf to gather dust.

Fast forward to just before Christmas 2010. I'm standing in line at my local Walmart scanning the impulse buy items when i spotted Mighty Putty!
Sony Headphones broken in the same way
 So I picked up these 2 tubes of green crap and took them home, not knowing if what Billy was yelling about was real (Oxy Clean has never steered me wrong). So I got home, took a butter knife and cut off a section of this sulferish smelling, modeling clay-like grey goo surrounded by a green outer shell. So as per the instructions i sat there for a few minutes rolling this stuff in the palms of my hands until it became malleable and gray. 

I grabbed my headphones and connected the broken pieces and molded the putty around the parts to connect them, and then I set it down to dry and played Black Ops for a while. Low and behold when I checked the Mighty Putty was completely concrete solid and had made a perfect connection. I've been wearing my repaired phones while on my computer, out walkin' around, and mowin' the lawn and they are perfect and there is not one single sign of wear in the putty.

The finished product
So this stuff is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stick things to other things permanently. The only downside I can see to this stuff was the smell as i was kneading it, and to be honest it didn't really bother me that much. It gets a very deserving 9ish    


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RIP Billy Mays. My shirts were were never cleaner than when I took your OxyClean advice.

derekjay said...

billy mays is awesome, i miss his tv show.

Fermium Death said...

Thanks. This might come in handy.