Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Videos!

   So through doing some video work with a good friend of mine over the last month I've got a little inspired to put more time into just making videos for the hell of it and see what happens. So in light of that, I decided to remake a video I posted back when I was about 18 years old of me doing a pretty disgusting trick. It's essentially me taking my fingers and bending them fully back so they touch the back of my hand.

   The original video had several thousand hits, but looked like a big bag of smashed assholes. So I figured it could be a good video for my (relatively) new channel to just remake it. I feel like it turned out pretty good. Other than the lighting, I really need to do something about the lighting in here. Either way swing over to my YouTube channel Camgore Video and see some of the crap I've been posting!

   I'm going to force myself to put out videos on either a weekly or bi weekly basis and keep my camera/editing muscles flexing. I just need to jump in! I get a lot of stupid ideas that make people around me laugh so I think it's about time I start seeing what I can do. Or fail miserably. Either way at least I'm trying!

   I'm also going to jump back into doing some movie and TV reviews starting back up with this weekends release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Which, as a lifetime Star Wars fan, is driving me absolutely insane with anticipation. I have faith though that Disney will not fuck this up! We'll see...


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