Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Look at this marose mother fucker right here. Looks like somebody shit in his cereal. Holden whats wrong? Bankey on his rag?"

Kevin Smith is hands down one of my favorite directors. Okay so there we're a few rough patches that didn't exactly show of his greatness....mainly Jersey Girl. But thats beside the point.
His intelligent dialog-filled, theatrically unsuccessful movies are a glimmering ray of hope that the next generation of film makers may not be retards who have read too much and watched a few Kubrick joints so they think they are the king shit.

Kevin's movies definitely effected me and the way I view film in a very profound way, and they definitely helped me some serious rough patches in the horrible lameness of adolescence. One of the first movies of his I saw had to have been Chasing Amy. Now if you haven't seen this movie its the basic "guy falls for girl he can't have" storyline, but shes a lesbian. Now the main part of this movie that helped me alot, especially on the relationship side, was Kevin Smith's (Silent Bob) Amy Story. The basic premise of the past being the past made me kick myself in the head for alot of dumb comments I had made to some of the women in my life. That and the portrayal of the friendship between Banky and Holden as a different kind of love story is absolutely awesome. Most of us love our friends but i don't know many who would be willing to be in a threesome with me in order to save that friendship...actually thats sort of comforting hahaha.

But then of course the always amazing Clerks. Clerks is a movie I'm sure will stay at the top of my most beloved movie list, snuggly tucked between Star Wars and Rushmore. The whole movie basically takes place in and in front of a convenience store. I'm sure the premise is something that almost everyone can understand: the ultimate shit day at work. But the delivery of everything (especially considering the actors we're pretty young and unexperienced) is amazing. The way this movie effected me (even before I ever started working). Never think of your job as your "living," keep as something you just do.

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