Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Skins was one of those TV shows that was like no other, one that could transcend boundaries without getting cheesy or stupid. For me I can honestly say it's one of the best programs I have ever watched, and it makes me sad knowing it was only 2 seasons.

Skins was a British TV show that aired on channel E4 in London. It is about a group of friends living in Bristol and all the shit they go through; and their is a lot of shit. I was first turned on to this show after the 1st season was over by my good friend Joel. I was looking for something to ease the boredom brought on by the writers strike and turned to the internet to fill the television gap. After watching the first episode I was automatically hooked. The way everything was presented was so near perfect in my eyes.

The show dealt with real problems, and not in a cheesy watered down way like Degrassi: The Next Generation but more like the 1980's Degrassi: Jr. High/High series'. It covered everything including drugs, alcohol, serious injury, death, stalking and just about everything a high school kid can get into. And all of these problems and good times were wrapped into a group of characters that were all encapsulating real in their own ways.

When I got word that this show was done, well at least the cast from seasons 1&2, was over I was shocked and right pissed. It seems the creators of the show want to do this whole thing where every 2 seasons it's going to be a new group of kids, which I guess is a mixed blessing. On one hand you'll get a new bunch of characters to keep the format fresh, but on another hand its like falling in love with a new group of friends and then they die off every 2 years; jesus the show is emotionally draining enough as it is!

This is a beautiful show, absolutely beautiful. All of the episodes are on the internet at: http://www.greatstufftv.com/skins/ and i highly suggest you see this. If you're like me and had lost faith in alot todays programming, this will be a welcomed surprise.

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