Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers: Rise of the Fallen

Okay lemme start by saying....seriously, Micheal Bay, you couldn't have come up with something more original than "Rise of the Fallen" ...I think that's what Evanescence is called now that Amy Lee is gone....

So let me start by saying I am one who can not stannnnddd the first Transformers. As visually appealing and ``explosioney`` as it was the dialogue and screenplay were just horrendous. Also! The comedy between the parents was just absolute garbage.

So you can imagine that I was not going into this movie with high expectations, I actually was gonna place a boycott on Transformers but decided to lift it so i could make an educated decision on the matter. Transformers really seems to be one of those movies where you either loved it or hated it. It really just plays on what you want in a movie, if your down for dummed down dialogue and lots of shiny flashy stuff (which theres nothing wrong with of course...) then Transformers was your kind of flick.

So I had imagined from both friends and the films Rotten Tomatoes rating that I was in for absolute garbage. I must say wasting my money on garbage films kind of has to happen every once and a while. To be honest its almost as entertaining seeing a really bad movie because you can laugh your ass off after when you all meet up lay the critique down.

So I walked into the theatre and had to wait in line (the combination of it being ``cheap Tuesday`` and a brand new section of the theatre opening up made the place uber packed) which i really hadn't done in a looong fucking time. So i trampled grandmothers and disabled children to get to a good seat and sat down to prepare for the visceral crapfest i believed was in my near future.

So I have to say it really was not terrible. But that's not to say its good either. Over all they improved on the problems of the first movie but not really to an extent that would raise this movie to the heights of great grandiose action flicks like Dark Night. So here`s the scoop: Zacks goin to college, a shard of that huge cube makes him crazy, he goes to school meets wack bitch, Deceptacons fuck some shit up, Autobots stop them, then more shit happens, break for a shot of Megan Foxs` ass more robot fighting, army guys shooting big robots, Optimus fucks shit up. In a nut shell of course.

The dialogue was alot smoother but would be really over cheesed by Micheal Bays annoying amera movements and rediculous shot layouts (really evident in basically EVERY shot in Armageddon). The comedy had some huge improvements especially with the relationship between Zack (Shia LeBeuf if you didnt already know) and his parents. But once again lacks in other parts as they have once again over the top racially stereotyped ``black`` robots like that car Jazz from the first movie, which was really just annoying. I guess ill keep on the hatein`track and mention that the story was as if they picked cool looking scenes from a hat but didnt spend enough time melting them all together to make a storyline that seemed smooth and continuous. New huge parts of the storyline would come over and over again leave no time for a decent concluding scene. The action and CG though was of course the point of this franchise and i must say it does deliver heavily. The interaction between cg robots and the human actors like flawless and totally real. I also loved the focus on the detail of showing every little piston and wheel goin on the robots bodies.

So overally Transformers one a scale from 0 to Awesome it would get an Alright...which comes right after 3 on the Awesomometre.

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