Sunday, February 6, 2011

Camgore Protip #1: Expectant Mothers Parking

How many times have you arrived at a mall, grocery store or plaza only to find that there are no spaces opened other than the damn handicap spots?
"And whats that, another space open! oh wait...its for expectant mothers! Well looks like I'll have to park on the grass."

These expecting mother parking spots starting sprouting up in my town a few years ago and for the longest time I figured there was some sort of bi law protecting them.
But alas, upon research there is absolutely no legality behind these spaces. Any non-pregnant person can park in these awesome spots and the business owner/police cant do a damn thing about it.

Okay yea it may be a little bit harsh to steal a parking spot from a potential expecting mother just for the sake of getting a better spot, though if you hate parking lots as much as I do, just push society out of your mind and allow the underhanded feeling of sneakiness take over. Happy parking

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Cody said...

i hear ya dude. i get what theyre saying..but I hate when stores have like 5 or 6 of these spots. like what are the chances of that many expectant mothers shopping at the grocery store at a time...