Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RAGE: Inferno Energy Drink Review!

So I seemed to neglect Camgore Culture quite a lot. I think it's because I've lost site of why I started a blog in the first place: to just review all the shit that I like, or violently cannot stand. So I figured I'd try something different and do a beverage review. Now don't get turned off just yet, this might be interesting.

Anyone who is involved in my life knows that I have a an affinity (more like a serious addiction) to energy drinks. I love everything about them, the taste, the way it makes me feel and that first confused glance from people walking down the street who think I'm drinking a tallboy.
I know its a "gamble" drinking them because of all the 6:00 evening news bullshit reports of kids drinking 4 monsters and having a heart attack, but I do it anyways because I'm a ridiculously hardcore bad ass. I figure if I stick to 1 energy sauce a day I'll be alright.

So today I entered one of my usual convenient stores down the street from my home, as I do daily. I walked to the back drink fridge and instantly was drawn to a giant yellow bottle shaped like a fire extinguisher. At first all I could think was "what the fuck is this?" and "that's over-the-top cheesy" so of course I had to pick this shit up. Soon after picking up this awkwardly tall bottle, i realized that the extinguisher top is merely a decoration (like the top of NAS Energy Drink Bottles [also a delicious drink] ). This disappointed me a lot, I was hoping i could squirt this shit down my throat for instant brain fucking energy. So i brought this yellow monstrosity to the counter and the two Chinese women started giggling at me and talking about how weird it was =/

So it turns out that this is one of the better energy drinks I've had, with a halfway decent price point. The taste is absolutely amazing, its like a less sweet/bitter NAS taste, and delivers a noticeable kick. It's rare now with my severe caffeine addiction that I actually feel a kick or boost from these drinks but this one perked me right up made me annoying as fuck and lasted several hours. If that isn't good enough, I had basically no noticeable crash!

My only real problem with this drink is the bottle. It's size shape and colour are a little bit embarrassing. I really would not want to be seen walking down the street drinking this, i wouldn't want anyone to think I'm a volunteer fire fighter. Nor would I want the guys at work giving me an earful over the lame bottle I'm carrying around.
Overall this is one of THE best energy drinks I have EVER dranks I have ever consumed. I suggest any lover of the altered state of awake-fullness created by these drinks should pick it up.

easily a 9/10.

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Al Tucker said...

Why not modify your own fire extinguisher to fire it down your gullet?