Monday, March 7, 2011

Dillinger Four – Civil War

When I was 14 and entering grade 9, as well as a whole ocean of new music and art, I became engulfed in the punk rock culture . I was doing the whole 9: listening to the music, going to shows, having the 3 foot Mohawk and my ridiculous studded jean jacket. But what stuck out the most, even till this day, is the music. Something about the right punk song can completely change your mood and attitude and make you snap out of the funks we often fall into.

Dillinger Four was one of the first punk bands I was introduced to in high school from my punk rock guru Ryan. What struck me was the simplicity and rawness, but it still had that poppy catchiness but minus the cheese and empty words.  Dillinger Four (D4) is Patrick Costello (bass, vocals) Erik Funk (guitar, vocals) Bill Morrisette (guitar, vocals) and Lane Pederson. After 3 studio releases, from 1998-2002, D4 went on a 6 year hiatus before releasing their most matured and interesting album Civil War, in 2008.

 Civil War is one of those albums that will stick with me my entire life and instantly took a spot in my top albums. Similar to D4’s other albums is that fact that there is not a single crappy song in the set, but what was different is the obvious maturity in these 13 songs.  Even from the first song (A Jingle for the Product) you can hear In lines like “we never had a chance but we made our plans till they we’re blown apart, we watched it all crash around our feet and man it broke my heart” where they seem to be looking back into the youthful versions of themselves and the tribulations of the punk rock mind set. 

 The album deals with a range of subjects from the media’s propagandized projection on culture, government denial, to a beautiful anthem for atheism called “The Classical Arrangement”.  Though there is an obvious maturity this has not stifled the youthful fast upbeat and simple rhythm and guitars, which create the recognizable punk rock sound but with noticeable tweaks. The album is also perfectly put together which a amazing balance of hard hitting punk anthems to more slowed down serious tunes. There is just something about Civil War that has kept me listening to it at a nearly daily basis, something that keeps me smiling whenever i hear it, something that makes me sing the songs out loud without caring who hears it. For me this is one of the greatest pop-punk albums i have ever herd and any fan of punk, hard rock or whatever should at least give the songs a try. I give this album an easy an easy 10/10.


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I like a few punk bands like Crass and Subhumans, so I'll give this album a try.