Friday, April 1, 2011

Limitless - lesson of this movie: doing drugs will make you popular and successful. It's crack time!

The night after I saw Suckerpunch I ended up going right back to ye ol' movie house to watch Limitless, starring Bradly Cooper (The Hangover) and Robert De Niro (Godfather Part 2, Meet the Parents). I had seen a trailer and a few TV spots and found the concept of this movie kind of interesting, but I had a sneaking suspicion that the story would not live up to the concept. Thankfully they did a decent job on this picture.

After the intro you are introduced to struggling-lowlife-dirtbag writer Eddie Morra (Cooper), who as had a severe case of writers block that is ruining his life. He starts to run out of money fast and his girlfriend up and leaves his stank-ass. A few days later he runs into his sisters former coke dealer ex-boyfriend who suddenly seems to be happy, successful, and to all outside appearances a legit guy. The brother, says hes working for a pharmaceutical company and hands him a new pill the "company"  invented and was pending "FDA Certification". On his walk back to his apartment, and realizing he has nothing to lose, he takes the small
 transparent pill.

This is when the movie really comes together story and cinematic wise. When he takes the pill the film goes into this really really unique continuous zoom that's really hard to explain in words. It's almost as if the camera is zooming into a picture in a picture in a picture and creates a perfect image to go along with how Eddie is supposed to be feeling. Soon after he takes the pill he starts writing his book and cleaning his life up at an insane pace. The rest of the film is about the trials and tribulations of having access to such an amazing catalyst. You get to see the fame and happiness in the life that the pill can create, but also the horrible downside.

Limitless was a really fun and interesting watch. Though it was a great film for the most part, it was not without its flaws. The main problem with the movie was the story, at times things jumped and moved around and skipped ahead so fast that it was sometimes hard to keep track of where things were going. Though it was a little frustrating once or twice in the movie it was still overall a great flick.

I give it an 8.64/10


Clueless Dolphin said...

hmm you make it sound pretty interesting, very matrix-esque haha
i think i'll rent it

Fishy Corporation said...

I will defently check this out, seems great!

JapRoulette said...

Wow thanks for telling me bout this, i'm interested!

Rondariel said...

Interesting I'll probably watch it soon.

Admin said...

I hate how the posters have that lie about not using the entire human brain.

Alek said...

Went to see this with my bf. Loved the idea of it, I just wish they played it out differently. Anyway, it was pretty good.

ctomski said...

im actually so eager to watch this movie! it looks so friggin good! not to mention i really enjoy cooper, and ever since his hangover appearance i love him even more!!
good post